Menu for this week.
From 19/09/2020 to 20/09/2020

Menu for this week.

Our "Menu du jour" will be served in our restaurant "Les Pierres du Diable" Our today's special will be served in our brasserie.

MENU 25€.

Menu served in our restaurant "Les Pierres Du Diable.

La Figue fraîche rôti au miel

et chèvre frais.

Fresh fig roasted with honey and fresh goat cheese.


Le portefeuille de Veau,

Fromage d’Orval et coppa, crème d’Espelette.

The veal roll with Orval cheese and Coppa bacon, Espelette cream.



Le petit gâteau au chocolat, cœur glacé vanille,

Coulis de Fruits Rouges.



Daily dish.

Served in our Brasserie.

Ham grilled with honey, frivolities of small herbs, French fries.


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