Récréalle looks forward to welcoming you from saturday 01 April 2023 :                 Jobs Student : Récréalle is looking for Job students for this season                 Please check our actuality for our menu on 01 and 02 April. :                


Menu for the weekend

Our weekend menu served in our restaurant "Les Pierres du Diable". Our dish of the day at 18.50€ served in the Brasserie. The menu offered on weekends may change depending on the influence. Thank you for your understanding.

Menu for saturday 01 and sunday 02 april.


Our menu can be adapted depending on the availability of ingredients.


Turnip Tatin with honey "Fou d'abeilles",
Fresh goat cheese from Acremont, young shoots with walnuts.


Roasted duck leg, crushed butternuts,
small strong juice, spring vegetables, Chips

Crème brulée with orange blossom,
sesame and orange tuile, vanilla whipped cream

Dish of the day


Home-made lasagne, spinach,
Small salad with fresh goat cheese.