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A real green cocoon for fun games with family, friends, between grandparents and grandchildren, or as a couple...

For your pleasure, our 18-hole minigolf is located in a beautiful shady area, in the style of a half-english, half-japanese garden...

The rules of the game: The goal of the game is to put the ball in the hole giving a minimum of strokes. On each track, a maximum of 7 strokes is possible. If the ball is not in the hole after 7 strokes, you have to write down 8 points. If you are not able to pass an obstacle after 3 strokes, you have to place the ball behind the obstacle and count 4 points. After that, you can go on with the game. If the ball is too near of the edge or of an obstacle, you can bring it back to the boundary of the track. The points are written down on a piece of paper.

After your game, you add all the points in order to calculate the final score of each player.


18-hole course Until 10 years

6€ /pers.

18-hole course Adults

7€ /pers.


Spring summer autumn

Plan of the parc