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With the family or with friends !

Your program for the day :

You Combine your own day, hobby's, recreation, sport and reposing-times
Everyone chooses what he desires at that moment. The activities that we propose, assure fun for everyone

Grill-stone (5 meats)

Kayaking 7km + Today's special

Walking of orientation + Kayaking 12km

Bowling (1 party) + Grill-stone (5 meats)

Today's special + Kayaking 12km + A drink

Kayaking 12km + Grill-stone (5 meats)

Today's special + Mountainbike

Kayaking 12km + Mountainbike

Kayaking 12km + Grill-stone (5 meats) + A drink

Kayaking 12km + Gyropode Segway