Les pierres du diable


The restaurant offers its hushed surroundings for an intimate dinner or for dining with family or friends...
When the weather is good, as it often is, you can also enjoy eating on our terrace with panoramic views.

"Les Pierres du Diable" is

You will feel the harmonious force created by our 100% natural environment whilst exploring the foody delights we offer.

And why do we call it the Pierres du Diable (devil's stones), you might be wondering? Because, one of our main specialities is pierrades, dishes cooked on hot volcanic stones! Making hell... a true paradise for the senses.


an enrichment for your senses...


Our formula's

formula of 26 €

2 courses

( 1 maincourse + 1dessert)

formula of 32 €

2 courses

(1 entrée+ 1maincourse)

formula of 36 €

3 courses

(1 entrées+1maincourse+1dessert)


A traditional menu


Children's dishes
Dish of the day (16 EUR)
Daily set meal 
Gastronomic or tourist menus
game menus
Menus for groups (from 22 EUR to 33 EUR).

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